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Today, we’re announcing the general availability of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered code remediation and infrastructure as code (IaC) support for Amazon CodeWhisperer, an AI-powered productivity tool for the IDE and command line. Amazon CodeWhisperer is also now available in Visual Studio, in preview. These new enhancements to Amazon CodeWhisperer help to enable faster and more efficient software development by offloading undifferentiated work and delivering more automation, security, efficiency, and accelerated code delivery for customers, and provides this support in more places where developers love to work.

AI-powered code remediation – Since its launch, Amazon CodeWhisperer has identified hard-to-find security vulnerabilities with built-in security scans. It now provides generative AI-powered code suggestions to help remediate identified security and code quality issues. Built-in security scanning is designed to detect issues such as exposed credentials and log injection. Generative AI-powered code suggestions are designed to remediate the identified vulnerabilities, and are tailored to your application code so that you can quickly accept fixes with confidence. When a security scan is completed in CodeWhisperer, you are presented with code suggestions that you can simply accept to close the identified vulnerabilities quickly. Generative AI-powered code suggestions speed up the process of addressing security issues, so you can focus on higher-value work instead of manually reviewing code line by line to find the correct solution. You do not need to perform any additional setup in Amazon CodeWhisperer to start using this capability.

Security scanning is available for Java, Python, JavaScript, and now available for TypeScript, C#, AWS CloudFormation (YAML, JSON), AWS CDK (TypeScript, Python), and HashiCorp Terraform (HCL). Code suggestions to remediate vulnerabilities are currently available for code written in Java, Python, and JavaScript.

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Infrastructure as code (IaC) – Amazon CodeWhisperer announces support for IaC, now encompassing AWS CloudFormation (YAML, JSON), AWS CDK (Typescript, Python), and HashiCorp Terraform (HCL). This update enhances the efficiency of IaC script development, allowing developers and DevOps teams to write infrastructure code seamlessly. With support for multiple IaC languages, CodeWhisperer promotes collaboration and consistency across diverse teams. This marks a significant advancement in cloud infrastructure development, offering a more streamlined and productive coding experience for users.


Visual Studio – Amazon CodeWhisperer is now available in Visual Studio 2022 (preview). Developers can build applications faster with real-time code suggestions for C#. Get started with the Individual Tier for free by installing the AWS Toolkit extension and signing in with an AWS Builder ID.


CodeWhisperer also helps developers code responsibly by flagging code suggestions that may resemble publicly available code. CodeWhisperer will provide the repository URL and license when code similar to public code.


Finally, Amazon CodeWhisperer recently previewed (11/20) a new time-saving capability for the command line interface. Now, Amazon CodeWhisperer adds typeahead code completions and inline documentation for hundreds of popular CLIs like Git, npm, AWS CLI, and Docker. It also adds the ability for you to translate natural language to shell code. For more details, read Introducing Amazon CodeWhisperer for command line.

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