The new Surface Pro’s sleeping issue is no further following current fix

Well, that has been interestingly fast. Microsoft has announced via both a forum post and through its support site that the brand new Surface Pro’s well-document sleeping issue is no more.

Especially, the pleasant news had been delivered by the same Microsoft forum moderator ‘BryanH’ that promised disgruntled users a fix had been on the road just days prior.

For individuals who may not have experienced this problem, like us, a number of brand new Surface Pro owners reported their pills had been arbitrarily entering a “Sleep” state. What’s even worse, a lesser amount of users declare that the bug has triggered them to get rid of work.

Naturally, the fix had been provided through the Windows Update channel via Windows 10’s Settings menu on July 13, with Microsoft’s BryanH alerting users on July 14. Into the spot notes the fix, the firmware up-date description merely checks out “233.1763.257.0 revises system power reporting.”

Microsoft hasn’t explained exactly what this means precisely, but has guaranteed people that this will fix Surface Pro units randomly going to sleep.

While that is definately not the first time a Surface unit to suffer from random bouts of narcolepsy, this really is positively the fastest Microsoft has responded to the problem having a fix.

Via ZDNet

Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 images reportedly show off the front of the phablet

We have seen various leaks showing both the back and the front of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Today, a tech tipster has posted on his Twitter page images that allegedly show the front of the eagerly anticipated phablet. Unlike most of the previous leaks, these images don’t have a case getting in the way. We could see the Galaxy Note 8 unveiled next month, on August 23rd. That is a little earlier than expected as Galaxy S8 sales are beginning to run out of steam, and anticipation is building to a fever pitch for the Galaxy Note 8.

Previous images showing the rear of the Galaxy Note 8 included …

Facebook on mobile may quickly allow you to make GIFs

In the event that you thought Twitter had been running away from ways to assist you to bombard your pals’ News Feeds, think again.

It appears the social media marketing giant is trying out a fresh function for the mobile app which allows you to make your GIFs, according to The Next internet.

Found in the upper portion of the application’s digital camera, the GIF manufacturer apparently allows for brief, looping video which can be augmented with effects and captions.

It appears the GIF-making function just isn’t available to all users at this time, suggesting those that have their on the job it are element of a tiny test or the up-date is rolling away gradually.

In addition, it’s suspected that Facebook’s newest trick will move down mainly to iOS devices prior to making its method to Android os. We’ve expected Facebook to find out more and will upgrade this story as brand new details emerge.

Although the brand new GIF-making function wasn’t confirmed yet, we still anticipate the afternoon we could resume publishing short, looping articles for the Facebook feed — things just haven’t been exactly the same since Vine shut down, you know?

HTC U11 will quickly enable you to select from Alexa and Google Assistant

Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant will soon arrive regarding the HTC U11, offering owners an alternative to Bing Assistant.

HTC confirmed to us as soon as the U11 established that the Alexa update could be coming in the first few months of this phone’s shelf life and today, it’s arriving three times based on a tweet from HTC’s formal account.

In a variety of ways, Alexa and Bing Assistant are comparable. Both can let you know the elements and share the one-off enjoyable reality. But Amazon’s associate has abilities in which Google does not yet, including some special functionality for those that are bought in to the Echo ecosystem, or can I call it the echosystem? 

Can there be an echo in right here?

Alexa on HTC U11 should be able to make use the Drop In feature, letting you have two-way chat with anyone nearby the Amazon Echo device you have actually in your home.

Besides the inherent cross-functionality between the Alexa application and Echo products, this individual assistant won’t do much more the average individual than Google’s Assistant. However, there’s a wealth of chance for those who want to make use of Alexa’s many skills.

Abilities for Alexa additionally the greater Amazon Echo family of products are a definite growing set of a contextual commands and questions that offer vocals compatibility with many popular apps. Heck, there’s a whole Skill shop for you really to browse and add to Alexa’s repertoire.

The big question that remains is whether HTC and Amazon have worked together on any unique functionality the U11. It appears that i will make use of every function from Bing Pixel, so we’ll need certainly to wait to check out exactly how Alexa is changed to a more appealing choice than Google’s Assistant for the squeeze-friendly phone.

Regardless, if you’re purchased Amazon’s realm of devices or if you just choose something different in your HTC U11, you’ll quickly be able to switch things up.

Oculus Rift and Touch bundle obtain a permanent cost drop

Get ready to pay for less – but additionally more – for an Oculus Rift and Touch bundle, at the least if you reside in the US.

Oculus is permanently bringing down the price tag on the Rift headset and Touch controller combo to $499, the company announced today. However, this is usually a brand new cost that takes impact after the summertime of Rift purchase is finished.

During the purchase, occurring today, you can buy an Oculus Rift and Touch controller bundle for $399 / £399, $200 off its every day price. This might be limited to another six days, nonetheless.

Following the purchase operates its program, as opposed to heading back around its pre-sale price of $598 in the usa, the Rift and Touch bundle expense increases by simply $99. 

In a nutshell: purchase an Oculus Rift and Touch bundle now, pay $399. Wait six weeks, and you’ll spend $499.

The bundle carries a Rift headset, two sensors, two Touch controllers, cables and six free games that work with Touch – Lucky’s Tale, moderate, Toybox, Quill, Dead and Buried and Robo Recall.

We’re waiting on word from Oculus whether there’s a permanent Rift and Touch bundle price drop taking place within the UK, and now we’ll update this tale if we hear straight back.

Priced to offer?

The Oculus Rift price was making downward techniques ever since it launched at $599 / £549. Which was just for the headset; Touch controllers cost an additional $199 / £189 once they continued purchase. 

Earlier In The Day this season, Oculus introduced a brand new headset plus controllers cost of $598 / £598. Then simply recently, the Facebook-owned company established its Summer of Rift purchase, bringing the Oculus Rift and Touch controllers price to $399 / £399.

Product sales in this discounted period are good, Oculus claims, but $399 / £399 is apparently unsustainable, ergo the minor-ish cost hike on the horizon.

All this might be a method for Twitter and Oculus to drive out some Rift inventory because the businesses are rumored to introduce a fresh, sub-$200 standalone headset next year. While not a full-fat VR experience, this headset will reportedly stay someplace in between the low and greater ends. On top of that, it will not need hooking up to a Computer or smartphone. 

Down load associated with day – Evolution

Development invites you to construct easy stick creatures, then keep them for their own devices and let them learn how to walk. It is possible to play it within web browser, but if you want to keep your creations you’ll need to down load the desktop version (available for Windows and Mac).

Create joints, then connect them with bones, then connect muscles to the bones. Once you think you’ve got something worth the gift of life, pick how many of the animals must certanly be in each generation, choose an action (running, leaping, obstacle jump or climbing), then click Evolve.

Initially, your poor creatures will most likely collapse in a undignified heap, nevertheless the many effective member of each generation will soon be regularly spawn another, and after several iterations hopefully they’ll evolve into one thing effective at locomotion while they discover ways to use their muscles to ideal effect.

My creature – a hideous tangle of muscle tissue and bone tissue – started by flailing and twitching like a stick man covered with a bungee cord, but ultimately developed a form of bouncy walk, using momentum from its terrible limbs to propel it self forward. Absolutely nothing as co-ordinated as really walking, but satisfying nonetheless.

Download right here: Evolution

Down load regarding the Day is our choose of the finest free pc software around – whether it is of use, enjoyable, or simply plain silly. If you have any suggestions, please deliver them to

The 10 most readily useful 4K TVs of 2017

Change: It’s been a busy week for TV reviews. We have had the budget Sony XE85 as well as the 65-inch Sony XE93 get hold of 4.5 stars as well as the Panasonic OLED TX-55EZ952 walk house with 4. We’ll be deciding if these sets did enough to make a spot within our directory of the greatest TVs of the season quickly, however in the meantime consider our present top picks below. 

Original essay below…

After a period of frantic progress in TV technology, things have fortunately calmed down slightly. 

Whereas in the event that you bought a new television a few years ago you would have been kept kicking yourself as 4K and HDR took over, nowadays you’ll be confident that these technologies are going to stick around for good portion of years. 

But simply must be television supports the most recent and best technology, it doesn’t mean it will it well. There exists a massive amount variation in the quality of these interfaces, HDR, and real design. 

Our constantly updated variety of top 4K TVs is the better way to find a group that does things you need it to complete without investing more money than you’ll want to in extraneous features. 

The world of TV buying can feel unapproachable when you’re first engaging in it, but provide it a while and it’ll all make sense. Let us try and make your buying choice at the very least a bit easier with this picks to discover the best 4K TVs.

Here is our present line-up, with details down below:

  1. Samsung Q9F
  2. LG E7 OLED
  3. Sony XE90
  4. Panasonic DX802
  5. Samsung KS7000
  6. Panasonic DX902
  7. LG B6 OLED
  8. Philips 65PUS7601
  9. Sony XE93
  10. Panasonic DX750

Best 4K Tvs

1. Samsung Q9F QLED

Phenominally bright panels do wonders for HDR content

65-inch: Samsung QE65Q9FAM

Great color levels

Really bright screen

HDR color banding can occur

Backlight clouding can be an issue

Samsung ended up being initial brand name to introduce an HDR-compatible display screen in the past in 2015, but it’s maybe not been resting on its haunches since. 

It is latest flagship, the Q9F, actually perfect exemplory instance of this. It ups the brightness to 1500 nits, 50per cent greater than the level necessary for UHD Premium certification, therefore the brightest television we’ve ever tested. 

Outside an impressive-sounding number this brightness possesses real effect on the set’s image quality. Detail is preserved in even the brightest regions of the image, and colors are extremely vivid and bright. 

Also non-HDR content appears great because of Samsung’s SDR upscaling technology. 

No television is perfect, plus the Q9F can on occasion have problems with some backlight clouding around bright objects. Furthermore some settings cause color striping in HDR colours, but in all other respects this is actually the most readily useful television around at this time. 

Browse the full review: Samsung Q9F

most readily useful 4K TV

2. LG OLEDE7 series

OLED is not done recovering at this time

55-inch: LG OLED55E7 | 65-inch: LG OLED65E7

Gorgeous display quality

Thinness of OLED

Minor photo noise problems

LCD TVs are still brighter overall

As a result of the thinness the technology affords, OLED televisions usually look striking, but LG’s OLEDE7’s ‘picture on cup’ design looks specially fantastic. 

Nevertheless beyond its visual appearance, the set provides exactly the same great image quality we’ve visited expect from OLED, with blacks being far darker than any you’ll see from an TELEVISION. 

It is black amounts were currently impressive, but LG’s development this year was to enhance the maximum brightness degree that the set is with the capacity of, leading to pictures that basically pop. 

LG’s flagship in 2010 could be the crazy-expensive OLED W7, however frankly the E7 offers a very similar level of quality at a much lower cost. It still looks great, it is still packing Dolby Atmos, and though it can not boast the wallpaper thinness for the W7, it’s not remote. 

For all those reasons and more, the E7 OLED is just a worthwhile addition to virtually any home theatre.

Read the complete review: LG OLED E7

most readily useful 4K TV

3. Sony Bravia XE90 series

An fantastically sleek and capable set

49-inch: Sony Bravia KD-49XE9005 | 55-inch: Sony Bravia KD-55XE9005 | 65-inch: Sony Bravia KD-65XE9005 | 75-inch: Sony Bravia KD-75XE9005

Exceptional movement handling

Great contrast

HDR isn’t the brightest

Remote does not feel as premium

Although LCDs haven’t quite achieved the exact same black colored amounts as their OLED rivals like the LG E7 above, the Sony XE90’s HDR performance comes tantalizingly near. 

That is achieved through set’s direct Light-emitting Diode backlight, makes it possible for it to quickly attain a brightness uniformity that edge-lit shows often are unsuccessful of. 

Add great information and motion control, and you’ve got yourself a set that strikes a great stability between cost and performance, and is well worth a look, even in the event its Android television software can feel some cluttered, as well as its remote just a little cheap. 

See the full review: Sony XE90

most useful 4K TV

4. Panasonic DX802 range

A fairly affordable television that’s able to execute a really convincing work with HDR in addition to 4K.

50-inch: Panasonic TX-50DX802B | 58-inch: Panasonic TX-58DX802B


Bright, detailed pictures

Indigenous contrast is not the best

Some backlight dilemmas

First, the bad news: The DX802s don’t possess sufficient brightness and colour resolution to deliver the maximum HDR experience. Additionally you should use their Adaptive Backlight setting on its highest level to acquire a convincing black color during dark scenes, which could cause occasional backlight stability and clouding.

Fortunately that when set up right, the DX802s produce more dazzling 4K HDR pictures than you have any straight to expect for this kind of affordable television. There is enough brightness to provide HDR with many punch supported by unusually good black amounts by affordable LCD TELEVISION criteria, and colours are reproduced with exceptional finesse. It will help the DX802s deliver an abundance of impact from the indigenous 4K resolution too, even though the mostly lovely pictures are accompanied by outstanding noise courtesy of an outside noise club that vessels free utilizing the television.

Finally, the DX802s benefit from a really eye-catching design that views the display screen hanging between two easel-style feet.

See the full review: Panasonic DX802

most useful 4K TV

5. Samsung KS7000 range

The KS7000 delivers an HDR-friendly amount of specification you just can’t find elsewhere for the same kind of cash.

49-inch: Samsung UE49KS7000 | 55-inch: Samsung UE55KS7000 | 60-inch: Samsung UE60KS7000 | 65-inch: Samsung UE60KS7000

Aggressively priced

Good all-round image quality

Some backlight clouding problems

No 3D

Despite being a great deal cheaper compared to the year’s more premium KS9500 range, Samsung’s KS7000 show still fulfills the demanding requirements put down by the Ultra HD Premium standard. Therefore, really, that it is got enough brightness, contrast, colour and resolution to create an uncompromising high dynamic range performance.

It is therefore that HDR sources look unprecedentedly dynamic and rich the KS7000 range’s level of the marketplace. The sets additionally do an emphatic task of getting the maximum effect from their native 4K pixel counts.

The TVs look brilliant with standard powerful range sources too – though a recently available firmware revision ensures that all Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TVs give you a surprisingly effective processing system for upscaling SDR to HDR.

There is no 3D support, and extremely high comparison HDR images can have fairly obvious indications of backlight striping and clouding. Neither of those issues, though, stop the KS7000 from being a great value way of discovering what most of the HDR fuss is mostly about.

Read the complete review: Samsung KS7000

most readily useful 4K TV

6. Panasonic DX902 series

New LCD display technology and stellar processing assists the DX902 range deliver spectacular 4K and HDR effect.

58-inch: Panasonic TX-58DX902B | 65-inch: Panasonic TX-65DX902B

Bright, contrast-rich pictures

Clever and often effective regional dimming technology

Chunky bodywork

Some motion blur

Panasonic was so enthusiastic about nailing high powerful range picture quality on its flagship 4K TV series for 2016 so it came up with an all-new ‘honeycomb’ LCD panel technology. This sets physical dividers involving the areas of the different ‘zones’ of photo illuminated by its direct-lit backlight system to lessen the most common LCD issues of backlight clouding around bright HDR items, and even presents a fresh diffuser filter in an attempt to stop the light ‘breaks’ between various LED zones searching too apparent.

Even this doesn’t entirely solve LED’s light control problems with extremely extreme HDR content, but it certainly does enable it to provide image quality with HDR sources that in most of times are second and then Samsung’s KS9500 TVs for his or her mix of dynamism, detailing and sheer spectacle – as well as the DX902s cost a huge selection of pounds not as much as their Samsung rivals.

See the full review: Panasonic DX902

most useful 4K television

7. LG OLEDB6 Series

The OLEDB6 series is the most affordable option to get your hands on LG’s 2016 OLED TV technology.

55-inch: LG OLED55B6V | 65-inch: LG OLED65B6V

Gorgeous, contrast-rich display quality

Spectacularly thin design

Detail clipping in bright areas

Periodic brief colour sound

The brilliantly easy attraction of the LG OLEDB6 4K TV range is that they enable you to get a similar level of OLED-based image quality thrills that saw the OLEDE7 range case a slot right nearby the top of this list, but they take action at a much more affordable price.

To be honest, the reasons the OLEDB6 models are so a great deal cheaper versus E-series models are right down to such things as design, construction and paid off sound performance versus massively compromised image reproduction. So that it still provides the unbeatable black colored levels, lovely rich tints, extreme contrast and pixel-level light control of its step-up OLEDE6 siblings.

As last-generation set (we’ll have a summary of the existing generation B7 quickly) the OLEDB6 suffers more with OLED’s tendency to get rid of information in extremely bright areas of HDR pictures, but it’s as effective as it gets utilizing the SDR content we still watch for most of the time and continues to be the normal successor towards plasma TVs therefore beloved of AV enthusiasts.

Read the full review: LG OLED B6

Best 4K TVs

8. Philips 65PUS7601

Brilliant backlight controls make this interestingly affordable Philips 4K TV among the year’s many pleasant shocks.

65-inch: Philips 65PUS7601

Exemplary backlight control

Great cost the picture quality on offer

Complicated image arranged

Android os TV interface is clunky and impersonal

Written down the 65PUS7601’s photos shouldn’t actually work. It just provides 700 nits of brightness versus the 1000 nits we’re seeing through the highest-level TVs this year, and it just strikes around 76per cent for the expanded ‘DCI-P3’ colour range often considered necessary for reasonably limited HDR experience.

The truth of viewing the 65PUS7601, however, is once you have wrestled by having a rather complicated photo put up system it produces one of the most immersive and dazzling pictures the TV world is offering. Particularly key to its success is its direct LED backlight system, which manages to supply good (albeit not complete) feeling of HDR without causing nearly as numerous backlight clouding distractions as some of its more extravagantly bright rivals.

The 65PUS7601 does this, furthermore, while additionally providing you with the hundreds of apps available via Google’s Android television smart platform and costing numerous hundreds of pounds lower than other direct-lit 4K competitors just like the Panasonic DX902s and Samsung KS9500s.

Read the full review: Philips 65PUS7670

Best 4K TV

9. Sony XE93 series

Bright HDR images and rich colors get this set one worthwhile considering

55-inch: Sony KD-55XE9305 | 65-inch: Sony KD-65XE9305

Bright HDR with rich colors

Great HD upscaling

Problems with blooming around bright things

Slow program

The Sony XE93 range may be the more premium range that sits alongside the XE90 above and it’s truly a far more ambitious set. 

The XE93 comes with a Sony innovation known as ‘slim backlight drive’ which attempts to deliver areas of concentrated light inside screen while maintaining a slim form-factor. 

Generally this method carries out admirably, and creates fantastically bright pictures that have real punch and intensity in their mind. 

But the system has it is problems with maintaining this brightness to your bright aspects of the image, where it could periodically see this light ‘bleed’ out into darker elements of the image. 

Fortunately this set is also no slouch in the sound division; it’s happily one of many better sounding TVs out there. 

Therefore the XE93 is a superb looking set, but although it might be a lot more premium compared to the XE90 in the list above, it generally does not quite get completely in justifying its increased expense. 

See the full review: Sony 55XE93 or the Sony 65XE93

most readily useful 4K TV

10. Panasonic DX750 range

An eye-catchingly affordable option to bag yourself outstanding 4K standard powerful range and decent HDR pictures.

50-inch: Panasonic TX-50DX750B | 58-inch: Panasonic TX-58DX750B | 65-inch: Panasonic TX-65DX750B

Good all-round display quality

Friendly smart television screen

Some backlight concerns with HDR

Just gives a watered down HDR experience

The Panasonic DX750s are for the cheapest TVs around to supply both 4K and HDR playback. Yet despite their affordability they are really likeable performers. Actually, aided by the standard powerful range sources we nevertheless spend the vast majority of our time viewing they’re nothign lacking exceptional thanks to their winning mix of 4K sharpness, strong contrast and natural, nuanced color tones.

With HDR the specific situation is really a little less emphatic, while the display screen does not have the color or brightness range to supply a really full blooded HDR performance. There are numerous periodic backlight distractions with HDR playback too you need to strive in arranged menus in an attempt to minimise. In fact, though, for many of the time the DX750s nevertheless look good with HDR and deliver at the least a flavour of the additional color and light dynamics that make it therefore special.

Add to all this Panasonic’s friendly, customisable Firefox TV smart motor and you also’ve got a television range that gives fearsome levels of value for your money.

Read the full review: Panasonic DX750

Sprint pushes new update for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, here is what’s changed

A new update has started rolling out for Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge owners that purchased their device from Sprint. Coming in at 299MB, the patch contains the Android security update for the month of June, alongside some minor improvements and optimizations which are not specified in the change-log. 

The software upgrade should bump the Galaxy S7 to build number G930PVPU4BQF3, while Galaxy S7 edge owners should be at G935PVPU4BQF3 after installing.

The update is available OTA, but it might need some time to reach all compatible devices. You can check for it manually by going to Settings > About Device > Software Updates. As always, make sure that your phone is sufficiently charged and connected to a Wi-Fi network before proceeding with the patch.

AT&T greenlit to nix 1.2 million landlines in Illinois as mobile takes over

You know we live in the era of wireless communications when AT&T is lobbying hard to cut off millions of legacy landlines, and getting its way. More than 1.2 million Illinois residents may see their access to the good ol’ landline cut off, after the General Assembly of the state overrode the Governor’s veto, and allowed AT&T to nix the landlines if it gets an FCC approval to do it.

Needless to say, the AARP retiree organization isn’t pleased, and is claiming that this would put older and sicker folks who rely on the landline for their communication with the world and emergency services, in a disadvantage. Not everyone from that cohort can use a smartphone, after all. AT&T counters that it is ready to provide “modern” landline services, but its tough lobbying for the measure to pass just shows that the obligation to maintain landlines is a drag on its bottom line.

In any case, Illinois is not the only state where such landline-hostile measures have passed. In fact, California is the only state from the 20 where AT&T is the legacy service provider that hasn’t approved a similar bill. Oh, well, even if the FCC gives the green light, it would still take a number of years for traditional landlines to be phased out, so people who used them needn’t worry about an immediate cut. Or so says the AT&T spokesperson.

This is the world’s thinnest phone charger and it’s also ingenious

There is a ton of innovation in the smartphone space, but when it comes to the equipment that you rely on to charge up your phone every day… well, not so much. We have had quick charge and other hugely important technical innovations, but the look of the smartphone charger remains pretty unoriginal and stale throughout the years.

Here is a company that brings change: Kado, an accessory maker that has designed and made the world’s thinnest phone charger.

It measures at just 0.2 inches (5mm) of thickness, achieving that via fold-in prongs. The cable smartly wraps around the charger for a more organized, tidy look, and is actually removable in case you need to use it to sync your phone to a computer.

Kado’s charger outputs 5 volts and 2.1 amps of power, which results in 10.5 watts of power and qualifies as quick charge-compatible.

You can pre-order your charger with a choice of Lightning, microUSB or USB-C to fit your phone, and the charger itself comes in a choice of black, white or rose gold color.

The price is set at $39 via Kickstarter, and the project has already been overfunded. If you back it now, you can expect the charger to ship in December 2017.

Back Kado’s World’s Thinnest Phone Charger on Kickstarter